African Safari Tips

This website offers independent information on Africa; including African luxury safaris, people, animals, travel deals,  destinations, cost, tips and more.

You can find tips on planning your safari, learn more about the continent’s top destinations, when to go where, amazing wildlife and scenery as well other interesting facts on the continent.

What You Can Find Here:
Safaris: What you need to know before embarking on your South African safari, things to carry on your trip, where to go and when.

Wildlife Parks: Why Masai Mara, Kruger and Serengeti are among the best wildlife parks in Africa and the species of animals you can find in these parks.

Beaches: Why African beaches attract hundreds of thousands of tourists each year, which beach resorts stand out above the others and which beach holidays destinations that you may want to choose.

Practical Info: Travel information about visa, money, transport, health, climate, and more for every African country.

Getting There: Information on how to get to the continent, including which airlines fly here and air connections to Africa from other parts of the world.

People: Well researched information of the African people, including the famous Masai community of Kenya.

How To Use This Website:
This site has a simple navigation structure. Use the main website menu located on top of the page and the quick links menu to your right.

You will also find links to relevant posts within the articles and at the bottom of every page. If you need to search for any information just type the query on the search form located at the right end of the top menu.

Enjoy as you discover Africa!

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