Going on a trip in Mauritania

Sahara desert
Mauritania tours take you through the largest desert in the world. PHOTO/FILE
Mauritania is a little-known country in northwest Africa, where temperatures in the Sahara desert heat can rise to  40°C.

Much of the country has a Saharan climate – very hot and windy with little or absolutely no rain.

The coast of Mauritania is a 800km sandy beach, that has no vegetation but supports an incredibly huge population of birds.

The Parc National du Banc d’Arguin, ranked among world’s best bird-watching spots is a stopover for migrant birds traversing between Europe and Africa.

Nouakchott, the laid-back capital of Mauritania, will help you relax after a safari in the desert. For lovers of out-door adventures, Mauritania has a dozen of trekking options as well as unforgettable camel trips.

Ouadâne, located to the north of Mauritius is an oasis settlement in the north hidden by waves of coloured sand dunes.

It is a great destination for historians as it contains more than three thousand manuscripts and an ancient mosque that justify Ouadâne’s status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

When To Go:
The best time to go on a Mauritania holiday  is from November to March, when daytime temperatures hover around the 20°C. You should note that it can get quite cold at night, especially in the desert.

Things To Do: Archaeological tours, fishing, swimming and surfing along the coast in the west.

Quick Facts About Mauritania:
Time: GMT/UTC + 0
Borders: Morocco, Senegal, Mali, Algeria
Area: 1, 030, 700 sq km
Seasons: Hot (November to March), Very hot (April to October)
Population: 3 million
Capital: Nouakchott
Telephone: Country code; international access code 00
Visa: Visas are mandatory for all nationalities except passengers proceeding with their journey within 24 hours providing they hold confirmed onward ticket and not leaving the airport.
Languages: Arabic, French, Soninké, Wolof and Fula.
Currency: Ouguiya (UM)