5 Things to do in Cape Verde

Faja d'Agua in Cape Verde
Faja d’Agua is considered the most beautiful bay in Cape Verde. PHOTO/FILE
Cape Verde Islands, magically placed in the warm Atlantic waters off the west coast of Africa, offer some of the best beach holidays in the world.

The archipelago is a cluster of ten islands, of which nine are inhabited, each offering a unique history, culture and infinite opportunities for leisure.

The island of Sal, with its extended white sandy beaches, is particularly a haven for beach lovers and water sport enthusiasts. The island is popular among people seeking to go on holidays or honeymoon.

Situated in the north eastern side of the islands, Sal is Cape Verde’s main island. It boasts excellent weather – sunshine most of the year – and this, combined with the cool ocean currents, makes a great safari destination.

What To See And Do:
1.) Beach tours– The island offers pristine beaches, the best of which are the white sand beaches of Sal and the black sand beaches of Sao Nicolau.

2.) Wave surfing – Cape Verde offers some of the world’s best waves, and most local hotels can arrange lessons or board hire. You will definitely learn to surf safari or water-ski in the archipelago.

3.) Bird-watching – Home to numerous rare breeds of African birds and unique types of swifts, warblers and sparrows, Cape Verde is a paradise for birding enthusiasts.

4.) Trekking – There are numerous opportunities for trekking around Boa Vista and Fogo islands. Boa Vista (Portuguese for good view) boasts a desert-like terrain with shifting sand dunes and palm trees, while Fogo is endowed with a scenic volcanic peak with spectacular views.

5.) Turtle watching – While in Cape Verde, tourists get the rare chance to watch the turtles laying eggs on the beach. This is a must see!

Cape Verde has numerous international chain hotels that offer first-class accommodation for the discerning visitor. There is also the option of staying at a beach resort in Sal or at a beach hut on the minor islands.

It is advisable to book ahead during the high season (April to September) to avoid possible disappointment.

How to Get There:
Getting to Cape Verde is quite easy. Most international flights land on Sal, although Praia airport is now seeing an increasing number of international arrivals.

Cape Verde’s national flag carrier, TACV, flies from Lisbon three or four times weekly and once or twice weekly from Paris, Boston, Madrid, Basel, Munich, Amsterdam and Fortaleza. The airline flies three or four times weekly between Praia and Dakar (Senegal).

Other airlines servicing Cape Verde include South African Airways, Tap Air Portugal and Air Sénégal International. South African Airways has flights to Sal from Johannesburg, New York, Buenos Aires and Atlanta.

Tap Air Portugal  has daily flights from Lisbon while Air Sénégal International flies three or four times weekly to/from Dakar.

Best Time To Go:
There is no ‘best time to go’ to Cape Verde as the archipelago is a superb holiday destination all year round.

However, if you wish to explore the beaches, then you should schedule your visit in the high season (April to September).

The low season (November to March) is ideal for those who like to visit places and take in the island’s tour attractions.