Highlights of Kenya safaris

Kenya game safari.
Kenya is a great all year round destination for safaris. PHOTO/COURTESY
Boasting 54 wildlife sanctuaries, Kenya enjoys a worldwide reputation as a foremost safari destination in Africa.

Kenya safaris offer tourists the chance to see the big five – lion, elephant, buffalo, rhino and leopard as well as other popular wild animals.

Among the top rated destinations include the Masai Mara Game Reserve, Amboseli National Park, Lake Nakuru National Park, Mount Kenya, Tsavo National Park, and Mombasa Marine National Park among others. All of these destinations are within easy reach from Nairobi, the capital of Kenya.

Endowed with a series of beaches stretching from the Tanzania to the Somali border, the Kenyan coast is a premier destination for holidays and vacations.

The region has several islands that run up the coast – all of which are ideal for safari Kenya holidays. They include: Mombasa, Lamu, Wasini, Chale, Funzi, Pate, Kwanzu and Mada.

Mombasa, the second largest city in Kenya, is renowned for its pristine beaches, an incredibly diverse marine life, world class hotels and very hospitable people. The island city is joined to the main land by ferries and bridges.

On its part, Lamu – a UNESCO world heritage site – offers insight into the Swahili civilization. The laid back town, full of ancient houses and monuments, is the oldest Swahili settlement in East Africa.

Also interesting is Malindi, a historic town situated north of Mombasa. The town dates back to the 14th century and is now a modern tourist centre with world class resorts, and idyllic beaches.

When To Go
The best time to travel to Kenya is during the hottest and driest season between February and March.

During this period, vegetation is thin and animals tend to congregate at permanent water sources – making it possible to go on very rewarding tours. July and August (the coolest months) are also ideal for safaris.

The long rains season, between March and May are not recommendable for Kenya travel. This is because foliage is lush, which makes it difficult to view the animals.

If you happen to be in the country between June and September, you can get the opportunity to watch the internationally acclaimed Great Wildebeest Annual Migration.

Things To Do: Game safaris, mountain hike tours, deep-sea fishing, scuba diving.

Kenya Facts

  • Time: GMT/UTC +3
  • Population: 31.6 million
  • Borders: Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda
  • Seasons: Rainy (March to May, October to December), dry (January to February, June to September).
  • Telephone: Country code 254; international code 00
  • Capital: Nairobi
  • Visa: All visitors need a visa
  • National carrier: Kenya Airways
  • Languages: Kiswahili, English, tribal languages
  • Area: 583, 000 sq km
  • Currency: Kenya Shilling (KES)